autumnwinterI am very excited as finally the first pieces from our, if I may say so myself, beautiful Autumn Winter 2014 collection, are available in the SET online shop.
We worked on this collection for such a long time so I am really happy to finally launch it.

We remained true to the SET DNA:  progressive, urban designs with a rock attitude while still being feminine and chic.

But have a look for yourself following this link.

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newIf you ever visit Bavaria’s capital Munich, or are lucky enough to live here, I urge you to check out my new favorite restaurant and hotspot in town: Vietnamese restaurant Cochinchina on Kaiserstraße 28 right in the center.
Off-spring of the city’s most famous Vietnamese restaurant Anh Thu, it is equally delicious and offers a thought-out blend of traditional Asian cuisine with modern elements.

I promise you, once you have been there you will become an addict, not just for the tasty food but also for the stunning interior. It gives the restaurant a very urban feel. Finally Munich got a place where you get a big-city vibe in an otherwise rather cosy city, which makes for a really nice change.


Furthermore you can expect a very pleasant and friendly service and a wonderful atmosphere. And back to the food:  I fell for the super healthy and mega fresh banana leaves salad. But my companions were enthusiastic about their choices as well. From the tasty selection of curries to dumplings: you can’t go wrong.



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therow2Being a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen I was equally enthusiastic to learn about the opening of their first flagship store in LA. Definitely a place I need to go and see.
The 27 year old famous twins are known for their very sophisticated, understated yet feminine look. Unlike lots of their contemporaries the young celebrities never show off or attract negative attention. Therefore it only made sense when the Olsens founded their label The Row in 2006; clothes that are very fashion forward while being chic with the perfect fit and high-class fabrics.
Fast forward eight years and the two fashionable twins just opened their first retail store last week in LA. Like the two designers the flagship store is just as unique, modern and simplistic.

The store has much to offer than just the Row’s collections: designed like an apartment with a 900 square ft swimming pool on the patio, you can also buy the art on the wall (for example by the sisters’ favorite artists John Tweddle or Sergej Jensen), vintage jewelry as well as Manolo Blahnik shoes. Therefore the flagship store is more like an art curation than a traditional store with its residence style look and exquisite furniture by JF Chen, Galerie Half and Thomas Hayes Gallery. Everything for sale of course.

Mary-Kate and Ashley also show their traditional side with the concept store as the building used to be a hair salon before; a place the sisters always got their hair styled when living in Los Angeles (now both live in New York). When the two found out about the place being the market they just had to get it for their first flagship store. Welcome to world of Mary-Kate and Ashley!


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loulou4Music Forecast: Say Lou Lou

Want to hear a dead-on prediction for the pop world: twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey of Say Lou Lou will be the next big thing on the music scene. They still haven’t released their debut album but their unique, dreamy and catchy sound of the single ‘Everything We Touch’ makes you want to hear more immediately. The sound is really hard to describe, some call it Abbaesque, some sugary, others washed out disco. For me it is just plain perfect pop music.

Elektra and Miranda, born 1991, grew up in Australia and Sweden and name Arcade Fire, David Bowie or TLC as their inspirations. This is quite interesting as they really do not sound like them at all. But I am sure their upbringing in these two very different countries influenced their sound; the Pop know how of Sweden with a very relaxed Australian vibe.

And the two equally gorgeous sisters (who look very different considering they’re twins) also are already big names in the fashion world with their fresh style being covered by Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. Their look definitely has a retro feeling to it (as does their music) but with modern tomboyish touches. It is definitely youthful and sexy (again: as is their music). So you see, Say Lou Lou are something for the eye and the ear. So keep on listening to their track (follow this link) to shorten the wait for their debut to be released end of this year.


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Parisian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela once again collaborated with lifestyle company Converse, putting their trademark touches to the Converse all-time favorite styles of the All Star Chuck ‘70 and Converse Jack Purcell.
I am an admirer of both, Margiela and Converse ( I always go for Chucks if I have to wear flats) and therefore I really hope I can get my hands on of these very rare pieces.
In typical Margiela procedure white overpaint is sprayed over the leather shoes. By time the paint slowly breaks off and you get the shoes with the eye catching look.
The colours are available in Amber Glow and True Navy with the Converse All Star Chuck ’70 and Azure Blue and Biking Red for the Jack Purcell style.

They are in stores now but very limited in numbers. Better be quick…


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I have been a fan of the works of interior designer David Collins for a very long time now and was saddened to hear of his passing last July.
The eccentric designer is best known for his designs of stores for Alexander McQueen or Jimmy Choo and of course also for his work on some of my favorite places in London: Harrods, the bar at Claridge’s or Nobu Berkeley.
If you ever get the chance to visit these places please do so: the mixture of different textures and colors is breathtaking and incredibly innovative: always re-inventing the past. And what you feel and see in all his works is the excessive use of different shades of blue.

dc2_1This month a book will be released with a careful selection of his portfolio throughout the years, from his beginnings of the mid-eighties when he founded David Collins Studio to his most recent works.

His very good friend Madonna, for whom the designer did her house in London and apartment in New York, contributed to the book with a touching foreword: ‘When I look around my houses in New York or London, I am struck by what an influence he has had on me. He has left his souvenirs everywhere: his touch, his taste, his flair and his blue.’

I have already pre-ordered my copy and cannot wait to explore his world again.

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Cat Power – Ruin

When scrolling through the playlists on my iPod I came across this uplifting song by Cat Power, who is rather known for her sad songs.
Cat Power, actually called Chan Marshall, is also a big face in the fashion industry , previously being a muse for Karl Lagerfeld.

Fashion and music, my favorite mix.

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Last time I was in Paris I went to the Musée Les Arts Decoratifs to see the highly acclaimed exhibition about Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten simply named Inspirations. Now I know why: it feels like you really get intimate access into Van Noten’s creative mind.
Never before has Dries Van Noten’s work been part of an exhibition but strolling through the two story presentation space you see it really has been about time.
Displayed are not only his designs from the past 28 years, menswear and womenswear, but also an array of pieces that influenced the designer for his work.
You see photographs and film stills, videos, other fashion pieces for example from Dior or Mugler, musical references, artworks or just prints.  Fashion connoisseurs know that prints have always been a big part of Van Noten’s work.
For that reason the show is not only about Dries Van Noten’s achievements but more how his designs came to life. And this certainly is the inspirational part of Inspirations.

You still have time until August 31st to see this wonderful exhibition. And do not worry, the show is not about past. To quote the designer himself:

“I’m not nostalgic…It’s not that I say those were the good old days and people had style. I try to take elements from that and push it into the future, to make clothes to wear now.”

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For its 15th birthday nail polisher company Nails Inc has created two new nail lines with model/it-girl/fashionista Alexa Chung as well as six texture-inspired polishes.

Alexa herself admits that she goes crazy with nail colors so we can expect an exciting collaboration, for example a mink-hued matt polish. Come on, that just sounds awesome. The collection will be out in August.

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Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

I have been a fan of Lykke Li since her 2011 smash I Follow Rivers. This tune of the week No rest for the Wicked is very different but equally catchy; a lovely melody and opulent orchestration with a haunting chorus.

Follow this link to enjoy the song and happy weekend everyone.

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