SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_075Fashion Week season started. First stop: New York City where all the makers and shakers of the fashion world were frolicking last week.

Tommy Ton always snaps the best street styles for and I am big admirer of his work.
Check out these great pics from New York Fashion Week and scroll down for my restaurant tip for NYC.

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My Restaurant Tip: Le Jardin Bistro

0016204_croppedIf you like vintage art, cosy furniture, mirrors and French food you should definitely go to newly opened Le Jardin Bistro at 115 Avenue C. Simple French food in a stunning environment (the candle lit jardin is open all year) is a seductive combination and definitely worth to try out when you hit the big apple.

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tuneoftheweek_templateThief – Closer

I came across this song only recently and totally fell for it. I like its fresh sound and you definitely need to check out the video here as well. Australian Thief with his song Closer is a worthy tune of the week.

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BoxI just love a simple and classic look. The perfect autumn style is some blue denim jeans and a grey knitted sweater. Being in style through all the seasons makes it easier to say goodbye to summer.


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DSC_4824The Odéon quarter in Paris, located in famous Saint-Germain-de-Prés, is definitely one of the nicest areas in this stunning city. It still has this bohemian flair with its many restaurants and bars, exclusive little shops, galleries and obviously the stylish Parisian crowd.
My favorite place in Odéon is Le Hibou, the owl, a restaurant full of taxidermy and a fake fireplace.
It looks like a nice, even if a bit freaky, cosy hangout in the countryside. However checking out the cool crowd you instantly get reminded that you are in Paris.
There are also oil paintings and dark wooden furniture so you can really spend long afternoons there while enjoying your café au lait with a heavenly chocolate mousse. During summer the terrace is open and makes it the perfect place to unwind.

hibou1But don’t worry; it is also the right locality for a great dinner. The lambs chops are excelent, but they also serve Caesar’s Salad or the standard beef fillet. Typical for Paris and of course the area specifically the prices are quite hefty.

So if you are willing to spend some cash for a good dinner with a stylish crowd in a typical Parisian atmosphere this place is for you.

hibou3 hibou6photo credits:

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925058_319263608247833_1819190501_nI just love Instagram. It sounds really bad but it is one of my greatest addictions going through the hundreds of photos on my feed and checking out what people around the world are up to.
It is not only a great source for the latest trends in fashion or what celebrities and bloggers are up to but also perfect for health advice.

Whether you are looking for fitness ideas or want a recipe for the perfect green smoothie: be sure to follow these three Instagrammers like I do!

Ella Woodward is a health blogger with the best vegan recipes for cheesecakes, pizzas and so many more delicious meals.

The gorgeous health freak and editor of British Vogue chronicles the many ways of wellbeing on her Instagram. Full of tips and recipes, beautiful imagery and quotes this is one of my faves.

This healthcoach and blogger also posts yummie recipes and is famous for her many takes on smoothies and juices.

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tuneoftheweek_templateSleepy Kitty – Don’t You Start

Weekend time! And I really dig this song, Don’t You Start by Sleepy Kitty. It is a feel-good song that puts me in weekend mode which is what I really need after this hectic week.

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Horst_P_Horst_03The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, famous for its design and fashion exhibitions, is about to launch a new show and I am so thrilled about it.
Horst: Photographer of Style showcases famous fashion photographer Horst P. Horst’s 60 years long career. He simply goes by the name Horst.

Next to Richard Avedon (don’t forget to see that exhibition in Munich!) he is one of the biggest fashion photographers of the last century.

Starting in the 1930s for French Vogue he quickly rose to world fame with his extraordinary visual style.
The exhibition shows lots of his original prints, some drawings, notebooks and even letters.
Horst however was not only big in fashion and celebrity photography (his first cover portrait was of Bette Davis) but also in art. During the 1930s, when Surrealism peaked, he tried out the style himself with fragmented bodies and surreal elements. He also worked closely with Salvador Dali at that time.
Horst passed away in 1999 and left a huge array of wonderful, beautiful and exceptional works. A big part of that can be seen at the V&A from September 6th onwards.

And as chance would have it I am flying to London pretty soon…

5-Salvador-Dalis-costumes-for-Leonid-Massines-ballet-Bacchanale-1939-Conde-Nast-Horst-Estate-vogue-1may14-pr-b MAINBOCHER-CORSET-1939-1-BB0475

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JDA-Artcurial-10-1When it comes to interiors I think less is more. Being the minimalist that I am it is no surprise that I am big fan of interior designer Joseph Dirand, son of famous interior photographer Jacques Dirand.

The Parisian architect of the moment mostly combines black and white with lots of marble and blank walls. He completes his designs with luxurious furniture and modern art. Check out these beautiful images of some of his residential work.

But also be sure to visit the Balmain store in Paris or Rick Owens in London if you get the chance: there you can really feel his vision, his idea of function over form, through his decorations.

AF8 Neuilly_P7 SAIFI1photo credits:

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Exif_JPEG_PICTUREBeing the health freak that I am I just had to check out Nama Restaurant in London. The veggie, vegan and raw food restaurant quickly became one of my favorite places in London and I tell you why: first of all it doesn’t feel like you eat super healthy food, the dishes are so yummy and cleverly put together it doesn’t appear raw at all.
The atmosphere is super friendly, with Irene and Rich, the owners, welcoming you and also helping you decide what to choose if needed.
There is also a various selection of green smoothies (I am an addict for those anyway) and detox programs.
Raw food is all food that isn’t heated or processed over 40°. But don’t judge too quickly. At Nama all the meals are delicious, go for the coconut curry or the pesto lasagne. Or try some of the (nut) cheeses. Or the salads. I could go on and on.

The restaurant is located between Queens Park and Notting Hill and the newest hotspot for all the West London cool kids. Go and check it out yourself.

Nama5blog Namablog6photo credits:

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shamirShamir – I Know it’s a Good Thing

The most exciting R&B Dance Pop performer of 2014 is most definitely Shamir. The 19 year old Nevada born singer combines early 90s R&B with never heard dance elements and his unique androgynous voice. Listen to his song I know it’s a Good Thing here.

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